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Sponsorship Needed for Two Girls

We have been receiving multiple requests from various different communities across the globe. We are trying to raise as much funds for those who really need it most.

These sponsorship requests fall in different category such as following:

  • Orphans
  • Handicapped Kids
  • Schools in Africa

Few days back, we got one such request for two girls who really need some funds for their education. They are unable to speak or hear.  Pl drop us an email at info@funpiper.com if you would like to know more.

We have confirmed their identity and are looking to raise some funds who could really help them.

Can Software Quality Be Measured?

With customer stakeholders complaining about the the quality of software being delivered, the challenge in front of delivery/project manager was to find a way in which software quality can be measured.

Before going into how can the software quality be measured, one needs to understand why at all the software quality need to be measured?

The need to measure software quality has arisen due to following:

  • Customer:Customer stakeholders needed a ways and means to ensure that software delivered to them by partner vendors are of high quality.
  • Software Service Providers: Stakeholders such as software developers needed to be governed on regular basis to ensure consistent & predictable delivery of high quality software. This is where metrics for software quality would help.
  • Product Development: In absence of customer stakeholders who may get interested to assess code and coding practices, the chances of deviation from the fact of having robust software with great quality are very high. Thus, it makes much more sense for a product development unit to establish a set of software quality standards and have metrics to measure the quality from time-to-time.

Software Quality Key Characteristics

Following are key characteristics of software quality (ISO 25000) that can be measured:

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Maintainability
  • Usability
  • Portability

Following diagram shows in detail, the sub characteristics of above mentioned characteristics of software quality:


Each of the sub characteristics can be measured using different techniques. In later blogs, we shall try and evaluate different techniques to measure the quality characteristics. I shall also define and describe the various different aspects of ISO 25000 series vis-a-vis software quality.

Software Quality & Varied Perceptions

As part of software quality workshops that I have been taking recently, I asked various attendees about how would they define “Software Quality”. It was found that everybody gave different answers on this, and most of them could said to be partially correct.

What did the trainees (primarily, software developers) say?

Following were some of the common answers:

  • It is about how fast a software screen loads?
  • Is the software secured enough?
  • There should be as minimum defects as possible?

If one looks above, they belong to following characteristics of a software product:

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Functionality

While interacting with end customers which primarily included the developers and team leads/scrum masters, following were some of the opinions:

What did the customers say?

Following were some of the concerns of stakeholders from customer end (software developers, scrum masters), thereby saying that software delivered is of poor quality:

  • There were several defects found after the software release
  • Code was found to be lacking “separation of concerns”
  • Long classes, long methods, duplicate code
  • Lack of proper unit tests
  • Classes were written to have mixed responsibilities.

Above concerns belongs to following characteristics of software quality:

  • Functionality
    • Design & coding concerns leading to delivery of software of inferior quality
  • Maintainability
    • Testability

What were the concerns of the delivery managers, regarding delivering software of high quality?

Delivery/Project managers were found to be having tough time in determining what needs to be done in what sequence in order to address concerns of customers and lack of knowledge of software engineers.

This can be attributed to some of the following:

  • Lack of knowledge of key characteristics of software quality
  • Lack of knowledge about software quality governance practices
  • Lack of knowledge about consideration of software quality characteristics during requirement analysis
  • Confusion between quality assurance and software quality governance practices

Some of the following remained as difficult questions for stakeholders across the table:

  • People/Process/Technology: Is there a blueprint using which software of high quality can be delivered over a period of time in a predictable & consistent manner?
  • Technology: Are there tools & frameworks which can ensure the delivery of software of high quality?
  • Process: Are there standard guidelines which can be adopted as best practices for delivering software of high quality?
  • People: Will there be need for software developers to undergo training/workshop sessions on software quality vis-a-vis coding techniques?

Following will be a series of blogs on software quality with objectives of defining and describing various aspects of software quality.

Funpiper Launches Developer API - Partners Integration

Funpiper.com launched Developer API this week to integrate with its partners and help them provide value-added services to their end customers. This is a REST API and can be integrated quickly & easily. Following are the operations currently supported:

  1. Create sponsorship proposal
  2. Edit sponsorship proposal
  3. Get Proposal by Id
  4. Get All Proposals
  5. Delete proposal

Following are different categories of partners in which integration can be used:

  1. Event planners: These are companies which provide event organizing services to their end customers. This includes event listing websites, event management companies, event planners (individuals) having websites etc.
  2. Sponsorship Agents: These are sponsorship sales agents/consultants which sells sponsorship properties to various different companies looking out to sponsor one or more sponsorship properties.
  3. Sponsors: These are companies (Big/Medium/Small) with corporate websites where end users could submit their sponsorship proposals.

Following are set of advantages that funpiper.com’s partners could have, by integrating with Developer API (REST API):

  1. Provide a web interface to their end customers to submit sponsorship proposals.
  2. Have the sponsorship proposals viewed by multiple sponsors affiliated with funpiper.com
  3. Sponsors could accept large number of proposals and use funpiper.com sponsorship marketing platform to shortlist and fund the sponsorship.

If you would like to know more, drop us an email at info@funpiper.com

IPL Title Sponsorship to Cost around Rs 300 Crores or More

Just few days back, BCCI did a press release where they set the base price of IPL title sponsorship as Rs. 300 Crore for next 5 years. And, the reasoning of almost doubling the pricing is perceived popularity of IPL and its success.

Well, ask me and I only would like to see some of the following matches from IPL:

1. Opening match just to catch on the excitement
2. Matches to see my favorite cricketers
3. Semi-finals (probably)
4. Final

This is against 70-80% matches I saw in season 1. Over last few years, popularity of IPL has decreased given the empty stadiums in compared with IPL matches of first season. This looks to be true given the fact that media buyers and advertisers have shown concerns regarding the price raise. Also, some industry experts believe that TV ratings have declined and IPL popularity is no more the same.

Following is what seemed to be offered in form of sponsorship marketing to sponsors:

1. Ground activation
2. Merchandising
3. Multi-media campaigns